by Gaëdic Chambrier

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Label: Quart de Lune
Distribution: UVM & Idol
Celebrated as one of the album of the year by many french & european guitar magazines and fanzines, Vortex includes lyrics in english, swedish and french. This is a kind of road trip which connects american & european music with strong african, nordic and celtic traditional roots. But never forget that Gaëdic Chambrier is coming from Rock and Folk music.


released November 22, 2017

Gaëdic Chambrier: composition, artistic direction, vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussions, drums, noises
Eléonore Billy: nyckelharpa
Eskelina: vocals
Joce Mienniel: flute
Xavier Milhou: double bass
Olivier Moret: double bass
Joanne McIver: scottish small pipe
François Domergue: percussions
Alain Oddoz: vocals
Raoul Tellier: slide guitar
Jérémy Vassout: bass
Syril d'Ys: vocals, guitar
Olivier Soubeyran: cello, bass
Chloé Chaumeron: violin
Manu Domergue: mellophone
Jean-Michel Deliers: hurdy gurdy
Audrey Escots: vocals
Éric Pariche: vocals

Elaudy Da Silva & Marius Lenière: pics
Peters Bernard: artwork


all rights reserved



Gaedic Chambrier Paris, France

One of the most influencial musician of the french folk, blues and traditional music.

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Track Name: Innan gryningen
Så kom du då till sist. Du var en främling
en mytgestalt som jag hört talas om.
Så många hade målat dina bilder
men det var bortom bilderna du kom.

Vi trodde du var användbar, till salu
vi skrev ditt namn på våra stridsbanér
vi byggde katedraler högt mot himlen
men du gick hela tiden länge ner.

Du är ett barn som ligger på ett jordgolv
du fryser om vi inte gripper in
du rör vid kroppar, hatar orättvisor
du bjuder älskande på moget vin.

Du stiger ut ur tomma gravar
du är en vind som säger: det bliv vå.
Du kommer som en flykting över bergen
du följer oss dit ingen annan når.

Du är den sång om livet som jag glömde
den sanning jag förrådde dag för dag.
Jag svek mig själv: den spegel som jag gömde
bär dina bråddjup, dina anletsdrag.

Kom närmare. Bli kvar hos mig. Det mörknar
och kanske ljusnar det på bytt igen.
Ditt liv ska bära mig. Jag hör en koltrast
som sjunger timmen innan gryningen
Track Name: 4+20
Four and twenty years ago, I come into this life,
The son of a woman and a man who lived in strife.
He was tired of being poor and he wasn't into selling door to door
And he worked like the devil to be more.

A different kind of poverty now upsets me so.
Night after sleepless night, I walk the floor and I want to know- why am I so alone?
Where is my woman can I bring her home? Have I driven her away? Is she gone?

Morning comes to sunrise and I'm driven to my bed.
I see that it is empty and there's devils in my head.
I embrace the many colored beast. I grow weary of the torment, can there be no peace?
And I find myself just wishing that my life would simply cease.
Track Name: Marcher vers le Nord
Marcher vers le Nord, en voilà une folie
À contre courant, irrationnelle envie
Je préfère à l'azur, l'aurore boréale
Les arbres de cristal, le silence enveloppant

Marcher sans remords, vers d'autres replis
Sauvages et blancs, risquer jusqu'à ma vie
Toucher la démesure, devenir animal
Fuir les capitales, aux bruits rassurants

Marcher vers le Nord

Marcher vers le Nord, l'idée impolie
À en croire les hommes, aux rêves endormis
Les yeux pleins d'usure, appellent l'idéal
La solitude brutale, la force des géants

Marcher, et encore, sans être affaibli
De ruisseaux murmurants, en chemins de pierres polies
Marcher sans blessures, le rêve monumental
D'un élan fatal, vers un pôle attirant

Marcher vers le Nord
Track Name: Vortex
I. Situation

Opening my eyes
Eyes wide open
Why am I lying down?
Twenty-one grams heavier than I was intended to be
Who are you, white man?
Is this the figure of God?
Am I a jumping Jack, just the Devil's pawn?

You, me, two,
The disaster

Opening my eyes
Eyes wide shut
The pillbox is empty
Flashback, bright light, black flight
Inside my mind, I clearly see the battlefield
I am a jumping Jack, just the Devil's pawn

You, me, two
The disaster

II. Sanctification

Remembrance of this day…

'Til then going through life asleep, I was sitting on a bench
Lost in thought, I caught sight of red shoes
Raising my head, I witnessed my own birth
With the firm belief that you were the figure of mankind's salvation
The woman without a shadow killed the guy without a heart
Now paladin, knight in white satin

You, me… Us
And then
The disaster

III. Gravitation

The world is our village
City lights, shining stars
Street lamps are turning into spotlights, you're dancing in their beams

The harvest moon in full glow is looking at you, turning around
Spreading its light over the buildings of our Champs-Élysées
Red carpet to the horizon
She vexes the sun, jealous of this intimacy

Your hair is blowing in the wind
Marilyn is living again, dress fluttering up above an air vent

Tilting your head back, you send a laugh to the skyline
My heart is bigger than I am

IV. Disintegration

We've almost arrived, I should have taken your hand,
Why didn't I take your hand?
In the silent noise, I still hear the screeching tyres
Slow motion, silence, eternity
Who would have thought that a red shoe, flying in an arc, could make the world collapse?

V. Sedation

Closing my eyes
I am lying down, witnessing my own death
Through the window, I clearly see the skyline,
I'm coming to you, in pursuit of your laugh
The pillbox is empty
No more hands, just wings
No more lambs, just kings

VI. Elevation

Oooh sending away my love for you
Oooh running away from this world to you
Oooh blowing away my love for you
Oooh the earth is fading away, no more dirt on my shoe

VII. Resolution

VIII. Vortex

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